The magic light inside me is a story about Thomas, a child with cancer, and the strength he discovers in himself.

Harsh issues, such as chemotherapy, hair loss, etc. are addressed in a child-friendly manner.

While this story was written for children with cancer in mind, it can help any child who might be struggling with a difficult illness or situation.
The story’s main objective is to help children, families and medical staff see the illness as a challenge that can be overcome.
My wish is to leave a message of hope and strength with those who are facing this life challenge.


The magic light inside me

The light gives me energy
I've learned to live in the moment
My superpower is my laugh


Written by Andrea Ramírez Penaloza, illustrated by Mechtilde Molin and translated from Spanish by Johnell DeWitt.

The magic light inside me is also available in Spanish, in French and in German.


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The project behind the book:


Copies of the book were donated to different institutions in Latin América. You can see more details in this page (in Spanish).

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